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What about duplicate content?

You don’t need to worry about duplicate content. Here’s why… Licensing isn’t a “new” thing. In fact, every day local news organizations license stories from AP or Reuters and put it directly onto their site and in their broadcast. The same story goes on hundreds or even thousands of news sites. That’s how licensed content …

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What if I get found out?

If you’re like most people, you likely have dozens of private label products in your home right now. There are thousands of private label brands like Costco (Kirkland), Walmart (Great Value), Walgreens, or Target. Imagine if Walmart had to buy the farms and factories to create every single private label product from toothpaste to coffee? …

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Giveaway Rights (GR).

Products with Giveaway Rights allow you to give them away for free. You can give such products away completely free on their own, or bundle them with other products you are giving away.

What is Basic Resell Rights (BRR)?

This means you can use the products yourself and you can resell the products to other people. However, you are not authorized to resell the selling rights to other people nor are you allowed to modify the product before reselling. For more see: What is Resell Rights?

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