12 Highly Effective Ways To Make Money Online Bundle

All items come with our standard private label license so you can brand it and sell it as your own. Simple.

4 Products Inside

We handpicked 4 top products for this very special bundle. And you get all editable source files, too.

No More Writer’s Block

Brand and sell these coaching resources as your own. Never write from scratch again.

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Download all products at once with a single zip file. No need to download each one separately.


Action Guides, Coaching Handouts & Lead Magnets 2

Reports & eBooks 1

Coaching Workshops & Slide Deck Presentations 1

Action Guides, Coaching Handouts & Lead Magnets( 2 INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE)

These coaching handouts make for great lead magnet, giveaways, or printables that you can offer to clients in your waiting room, in your emails, or on your site. They’re short yet actionable, and professionally designed so you look great and stand out.


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Topics Include:

12 Highly Effective Ways To Make Money Online Executive Summary

20 Places To Find Remote Jobs

Reports & eBooks (1 INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE)

These PLR products are ready for you to brand, sell, or giveaway as your own. You can easily add these eBooks into a members-only coaching library on your site, print them, or sell it as a front-end low-ticket offer. You can also transform the eBooks into webinars, videos, or coaching programs that you can sell as your own.


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Coaching Workshops & Slide Deck Presentations (1 INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE)

These presentation slides are a great way to create workshops, training videos, and live presentations in a matter of minutes. No need to fiddle with PowerPoint. Woohoo! You can also add your branding and call to action, then publish these presentations on Slideshare or record a video version and upload it to YouTube.

Summary of the 12 Highly Effective Ways To Make Money Online Bundle

You get 4 done-for-you PLR resources , including:

2 Action Guides, Coaching Handouts & Lead Magnets

1 Reports & eBooks

1 Coaching Workshops & Slide Deck Presentations


Here’s what you can  do with this content:

Can claim full authorship

Can add your branding, colors, logo and name

Can be taken apart, added to, or sold as is

Can be edited completely and renamed

Can be sold

Can be given away

Can be packaged with other products

Can be offered as a bonus

Can be used as a lead magnet or content upgrade

Can be used as web content

Can be used in physical products

Can be used in audio and video

Can be used in workshops and webinars

Can be added to your membership site

Here’s what you cannot do with this content:

Cannot transfer the private label rights to others

Cannot sell Resell Rights

Cannot sell Master Resale Rights

Cannot sell Private Label Rights

Cannot syndicate articles

Cannot be sold as a Kindle book (that’s against Amazon’s terms of service)

Cannot be offered through auction sites

Cannot sell or giveaway your license to the content

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