What about duplicate content?

You don’t need to worry about duplicate content. Here’s why…

Licensing isn’t a “new” thing. In fact, every day local news organizations license stories from AP or Reuters and put it directly onto their site and in their broadcast. The same story goes on hundreds or even thousands of news sites. That’s how licensed content works.

By licensing stories, smaller news organizations can get breaking news from around the globe, without needing thousands of journalists in multiple countries. Otherwise, it’d be cost prohibitive and incredibly inefficient to have thousands of journalists write about the same event.

So they license the story and post it on their website.

This is important because there are millions of people who visit websites directly and not from a Google search. People want the latest news without having to visit a dozen sites, right? And so, using licensed content is about adding value for your clients, and not just about what your search ranking is.

Now when it comes to Google, here’s how search rankings work…

If Google find two pieces of the same content, they will determine which one is more relevant to the search. Sometimes that’s your piece. Sometimes it’s another. It’s a bit more detailed than that, but that’s the jist.

You don’t get penalized or completely removed from Google or anything crazy like that. Google simply rewards content that adds value to the search results.

And so, the moment you tweak your content, it’s not a duplicate. That’s why we encourage our clients to make it their own… or even change the medium entirely!

Go from text to audio, video, infographics, and so on. This adds value to the content. And Google wants to have these valuable resources in their search results.

So take the brandable content that’s already good, and make it better. Make it more relevant and valuable to your clients. It’s a win, win, win!

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